Saturday, December 22, 2007

When you have seen a real man, a conqueror, a KING among men!

It is well also to remember this truth: “Usually the work that is required to develop talent is ten times that necessary for ordinary commonplace success.”

Men naturally brainy, or with some great gift, have to work most assiduously to achieve big results. Without untiring perseverance, industry, grit, the courage to get up and press on after repeated failures, the historic achievers of the world would never have won out in their undertakings.

Columbus said that it was holding on three days more that discovered the New World; that is, it was holding on three days after even the stoutest hearts would have turned back that brought him in sight of land.

Tenacity of purpose is characteristic of all men who have accomplished great things. They may lack other desirable traits, may have all sorts of peculiarities, weaknesses, but the quality of persistence, clear grit, is never absent from the man who does things.

Drudgery cannot disgust him, labor cannot weary him, hardships cannot discourage him. He will persist no matter what comes or goes, because persistence is part of his nature.

More young men have achieved success in life with grit as capital, than with money capital to start with. The whole history of achievement shows that grit has overcome the direst poverty; it has been more than a match for lifelong invalidism.

After all, what do all the other accomplishments and personal decorations amount to if a man lacks the driving wheel, grit, which moves the human machine. A man has got to have this projectile force or he will never get very far in the world. Grit is a quality which stays by a man when every other quality retreats and gives up.

For the gritless every defeat is a Waterloo, but there is no Waterloo for the man who has clear grit, for the man who persists, who never knows he is beaten. Those who are bound to win never think of defeat as final.

They get up after each failure with new resolution, more determination than ever to go on until they win.

Have you ever seen a man who had no give-up in him, who could never let go his grip whatever happened, who, every time he failed, would come up with greater determination than ever to push ahead?

Have you ever seen a man who did not know the meaning of the word failure, who, like Grant, never knew when he was beaten, who cut the words “can’t,” and “impossible,” from his vocabulary, the man whom no obstacles could down, no difficulty phase, who was not disheartened by any misfortune, any calamity?

If you have, you have seen a real man, a conqueror, a king among men.

As we look around at other men, enjoying the good things of life, basking in the sunshine of success, let us remember that they didn’t get their place in the sun by wishing and longing for it.

They didn’t get to Easy Street by the road of Inertia.

When you are tempted to envy those people, and long to have a “pull” or some one to give you a “boost,” just call to mind this jingle: “You must jump in, and fight and work, nor care for one defeat; For if you take things easy, you won’t reach Easy Street.Don’t waste time in envy, and never say you’re ‘beat,’For if you take things easy, you won’t reach Easy Street.”

There is no royal road to anything that is worth having. Only work and grit will do the trick. As J. Pierpont Morgan says, “Hard, honest, intelligent work will land any young man at the top.”

The great business world is always on the hunt for the man who can do things a little better than they have been done before, the man who can deliver the goods, the man who can manage a little better, the man who is a little shrewder, a little more scientific, a little more accurate, a little more thorough; it is always after the man who can bring a little better brain, a little better training to his job.

With our constantly widening national interests, our enormously expanding trade, the demand for the A1 salesman is ever on the increase.
The young man who is not satisfied with the ordinary required equipments for salesmanship, but who will add to this a thorough knowledge of modern languages, especially those most used in commercial intercourse—German, French and Spanish—will not have very great difficulty in finding his place in the sun.

The making—or the marring—of your life is in your own hands.

“The gods sell anything and to everybody at a fair price.” Success is on sale in the world market place.

All who are willing to pay the price can buy it. In the final analysis, success in salesmanship, as in everything else, is simply a matter of “paying the price.”

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