Monday, August 07, 2006

Balancing Careers With Relationships

It is common these days that both people in a relationship have their own careers. The amount of time each must dedicate to their profession increases the risk of endangering their relationship.

You could find yourself in a wonderful relationship, with both of you following important careers. Is there anything you can do to make it easier to stay together?

Unfortunately, some people are so interested in their professional life that they become neglectful when it comes to a love relation. These people, who have great professional ambitions, have a series of qualities desirable at work. They enjoy competition and have leadership abilities, but they can also follow rules and regulations. Their lives are exciting, and because they don’t compromise often at work, they don’t negotiate in a relationship.

Undoubtedly, respect is the key to making love work between two professionals! We live in a world of equality between men and women, so respecting your partner’s professional aspirations and sharing responsibilities is important.

When you get involved with a career-oriented person, try to understand that person’s job is more than a regular one. It often involves long hours, bringing work-related materials home, traveling and attending all sorts of events.

The greatest problem two-career couples have is lack of time. That is why they must remember that the quality of their time together is more important than the quantity. Another key is teamwork. The responsibilities around the house must be shared, but each must also be ready to do things the other can’t do.

Here is some advice about making a relationship work:

Make a point of organizing and scheduling the things you need to do.
Plan a night out a few times a month. You will keep in mind that there is more to life is than work and household responsibilities.

Try to save some of your precious time for yourself.

When you think you are getting overwhelmed: caring for the children, cooking, working, maintaining your home, etc., ask for help. Enlist your parents or hire help for a few hours a week, at least occasionally.

Communication is essential. Take advantage of every second you are together, to remind your partner important she or he is to you.

Reduce stress someplace other than home. Instead of arguing, go to the gym!
Adapt these suggestions to your own personalities and you’ll certainly see improvements. Remember that a career should be make you proud, so support your partner in the work that makes him or her happy.

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