Saturday, August 12, 2006

Be Part of the New Team

When you get a new job, remember that the first days are important to make your new co-workers like you. This article will teach you how to act during your first days at a new job.

The accommodation period lasts at least three months, during which people won’t judge you based on professional achievements but on your image. Respect the dress code of the company, but do so that makes you look good. This will give you more confidence.

Despite the stress and worry you deal with, your attitude must stay relaxed and communicate trust. When speaking with your colleagues, don’t be shy. Let them know things about you but do not tell everything – create some mystery. However, during the accommodation period, don’t speak negatively about your previous job. Don’t talk about how efficient working there really was, etc. Remember that you are not working there anymore and that your comparisons could be annoying. Also, stop yourself from giving advice or from making observations. New people in the office don’t have this privilege.

Another important issue is not to complain – at least not from the beginning. The coffee is too strong; your desk is not well-positioned; you have too many duties. The list goes on. Imagine what you would think about someone acting like this in their first days of work.

The best thing on your first day would be for your boss to introduce you to other members of the office. But if he doesn’t have the time to do it, don’t isolate yourself. Introduce yourself to the others, tell them you’re member of the team, etc. Learn everybody’s name. They will feel more important if you do, and they will like you more.

After you begin, listen to everything that is going on around you. Take advantage of lunch and coffee breaks. People are more relaxed then, and they speak openly. This way, you can learn the unwritten rules of the company, who has the power, and what kind of conflicts there are in your department.

Most importantly, try not to be late during your first days. Prepare yourself for meetings by trying to plan for the problems to be discussed. Respect deadlines and don’t talk about personal problems or your sexual life. Think positive, smile often and show everybody you enjoy your work. Don’t make promises unless you are sure you can keep them. Work fast and well, and don’t talk to your colleagues about the salary you negotiated or about your promotion intentions.

Nevertheless, in spite of all the emotions you must go through, remember your main purpose: to do your new job as well as possible.

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