Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Breathing Power

Many cultures believe breath is a link with the soul. We each can be considered an expert in breathing. After all, we all do it every day. However, many people don’t see the importance of the power of breathing.

The importance of breathing is obvious. We depend on it for life. As humans, we must eliminate the things that our body no longer uses, and breathing takes care of 70 percent of the process. Besides eliminating the air from your lungs after it has been depleted of oxygen, breathing also removes toxins from the body. You can also eliminate non-biological components such as stress. By harnessing the immense power of breathing, you can connect better with your inner self and efficiently combat outside stress factors.

By becoming more aware of your breathing, you can reduce external negative elements. Focus on your breath, and tell yourself to think only about breathing. The rhythm your breath produces will help your mind and your body relax. Thinking is responsible for most of the stress we face, and this exercise takes thinking into a harmonious and peaceful place.

Many of our thoughts are negative. We often use words such as “won’t,” “can’t” and “shouldn’t.” Such negative connotations reflect on how we feel, increasing anxiety. Your brain processes millions of thoughts every day, and focusing on your breath gives your brain a break. Temporarily slowing your mind’s activity gives you more peace and helps relax both you.

Look at your breathing education as similar to practicing a sport. To reach a goal, you must improve certain skills. You can’t just be an Olympic athlete – you must become one. This can be done by building strength and stamina, as well as improving your techniques. Improving your breathing works the same way. Right now, you are at a basic level, because you haven’t done additional exercises to improve your breathing. Your subconscious mind takes care of this, allowing your conscious mind to deal with other things. However, you can take things into your own hands and consciously control your breathing during the exercises

At first, analyze yourself each time you inhale and exhale. Do this until you become accustomed to the rhythm and let your brain preoccupy itself only with your breathing. It might be difficult at first because you will get distracted by sounds or movements around you. With time, however, you will be able to ignore interference and sustain a prolonged period of clarity. If you practice frequently, you will soon begin to see the positive effects of controlling one of the vital elements of life.

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