Monday, August 28, 2006

Do We Have The Power to Change Our Fate?

Fate, destiny, resignation – in certain contexts, those words could seem to be synonyms. But what if you’ve been a fighter for your entire life and simply will not surrender in certain situations? Can we go against our destiny? Can we truly follow the path we want to follow in life?

All these questions have to definitive answers. But our determination and strength can overcome the obstacles we face before reaching the highest aspirations of our lives.

Many people who have been successful in areas such as business, sports, science, etc., admit that fate seemed to be against them at certain points in their careers. Most of them had different lives before finding success and are proud to have lived through those times. It was difficult, most of them say, but they wanted to get to the top badly. Nothing could have stopped them from getting where they wanted to go. They acknowledge that they never believed they would become so famous or successful.

All of this might make us wonder whether an apparently pre-ordained fate can be changed if we really want something and are determined to get it no matter what. And if we can change our destiny, to whom can we show our capabilities? Could there be a way change the famous book of life as easily as correcting words on a computer? And if so, how do we know that the original was not in error and that our changes do not do more than correct it?

Obviously, everything that happened before is a guess. Nevertheless, because different people testify that their lives changed, our confidence that we can also do it increases. If we can’t control our fate, we can at least take control of what happens in our lives.

Perhaps, even if we were meant to have a less fortunate destiny, if we treat others properly and remain honest, somehow bad things will keep away from us, showing that we can make our own destiny.

Still, we wonder what happens to a person who begins with a wonderful destiny but ends up committing a series of grave mistakes. Will that destiny change?

It could be true that we will get the destiny we deserve. People who suffer tremendously because they lost a love done or people born disabled will answer no! Many innocent people are in pain, so the concept that we get our just desserts is not always accurate. But what if we must pay for the mistakes of others? Would we think harder before doing something we would not really be proud of, fearing that someone else will be punished for our actions?

Opinions undoubtedly are split on this subject. But thinking about these themes helps us understand ourselves better and, hopefully, lets us appreciate our destiny.

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