Thursday, September 07, 2006

Even Shy People Can Dare

If you are reading this article, you are probably a person who blushes easily, loses his or her breath, remains speechless and has trembling knees in certain instances? You might think it is one of the worst situations a person can be in. But specialists say you’re wrong.

Shy people are those who go to the grocery store and are reluctant to talk with the cashier. They blush before saying anything. When they speak they never talk loud enough, so they must say it again. And it seems to get worse every time. The more they try not to blush, the redder they become.

What about work? Shy people must work as well. But shy people don’t get bored, because they are always trying to watch others and better themselves. It is widely accepted that timid people know things about human character, but they normally don’t dare to get to know many people. Despite the fact that when they were teenagers these people usually had no social life, many of them became great human resources managers or psychologists precisely because, being outside the group, they learned to analyze others. They also tend to take careers that require a lot of PR work, because they want to prove that they can do it.

Another great thing about introverted people is that they are curious and, because they often have nobody to ask, they read books or do research on the Internet. How many good-looking, successful and extroverted people do you think still read? As a result, shy people have many opportunities to get good jobs in almost any field. They work hard, they stay quiet and they are loyal.

Furthermore, shy people have begun to enjoy such fame lately that the daring should learn from them. Did you know that shy people have more contact with the public than the rest of us? That happens because they instill serenity in others. They don’t usually talk over another person’s private issues.

They say very high hills were designed for shy women. They need to prove themselves at absolutely everything. These people are fighters, so if you are shy, don’t be ashamed! People like you are motivated because you have a purpose you want to achieve. For everyone else, I would say there’s nothing wrong with being shy from time to time.

The key word to success is dare. The rest of it will arrive after that.
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