Monday, January 08, 2007

Dream Come True: Do You Know Why You Make Mistakes?

The ability to admit that you’ve made a mistake is crucial to the learning process. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to announce your mistake to the world. However, you do have to be honest with yourself. Owning up to your mistakes is important, not only in your attempts to learn from them, but in the entire process of using positive thinking.

When you admit your mistakes to yourself, be careful not to judge your actions harshly. Your thoughts should not be along the lines of I screwed this up, and I’m never going to get this right.

Don’t let your mistakes teach you not to try. Instead, think I made a mistake, and now I know not to do that again. The biggest lesson in making mistakes can be found in your taking responsibility for them, and then doing something to correct what went wrong.

Pinpoint Your Error

“For want of a nail, the horseshoe was lost...”
- Nursery rhyme (anonymous)

Speaking of what went you know why you made the mistake? You cannot learn anything from your mistakes if you don’t know why it occurred. If things go wrong, and it isn’t clear to you what happened, backtrack along the path that brought you to the error and figure out where you strayed.

James R. Chiles, in his book Inviting Disaster: Tales from the Edge of Technology, relates the sordid tale of a floating dormitory in the North Sea built for offshore oil workers. During one night, the dormitory rolled over in the water and killed over a hundred people.

The engineers responsible for building the dormitory raced to find an explanation, and ultimately discovered that one small crack in the support structure, which had been painted over instead of properly repaired, was responsible for the chain of events leading to the disaster.
Discovering the origin of your own mistakes will help you avoid potential disaster. Take the responsibility to investigate your mistakes thoroughly, so you can avoid the snowball effect one small error can have.

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