Thursday, July 28, 2011

It costs nothing to smile! How could you have a more positive outlook on life which will bring positive results??

I often wonder why people seem reluctant to smile these days. It costs nothing to smile so come on people lets start looking a bit happier. How could you have a more positive outlook on life which will bring positive results??

I am somebody who used to always think in a negative way, I have now managed to stop this and my life has improved no end. I now like to be around positive people, as these people tend to be more successful and happier.

In my opinion there are too many people who are always moaning and groaning and are seemingly depressed.

Growing up I had many things to be negative about, I had a stutter, I have a bald patch.

I was one of the ones who walked around in a depressed state and I used to feel sorry for myself. Even when I write about it now, I laugh about how stupid I used to be.

I realised early into my twenties that I needed to change my approach to life. I was quite fortunate in that I had a friend at the company I worked for, who was to prove an inspiration to me. His name was Mike, and even though this may seem cruel, Mike did not have a lot going for him. I won't go into details but lets just say even with the problems I felt I had, I was not jealous of him.

I became quite good friends with Mike and we would regularly have lunch together. I would meet him in the canteen at 1pm and would be waiting in my gloomy state of mind, with my gloomy face, for him to arrive. Arrive he certianly did, always with a beaming smile on his face. This always amazed me as I could never understand what he had to be happy about. We would sit down and talk whilst eating our lunch and he never had a negative word to say.

When he talked, he talked with passion, about his work and interests. One day it dawned on me, if he seemingly has nothing going for him) can always be positive, happy and smiling, why can't I?

This was the beginning of my new outlook on life. An era of being positive, appreciating what I have got and more than anything else, plenty of smiles. I now am happy with my weight, height, bald patch and am proud to say I have now overcome my stutter.

As you live through life, here are some questions worth asking!

Is life worth living without a dream?

We all need dreams and goals to get us through the days and years. If they are big and take years to achieve or rather 5 mins is insignificant, they are all important!

Can you truly be satisfied living someone elses dream?
NO, If you can be satisfied then it isn't someone elses dream but rather your own!

What is your potential?
More than you'll ever know

Will you ever fulfill it?
If your not worried about going too far then yes you will! "The only people who realize their potential are those who risk going all the way"

Or were they never able or had the potential themselves to begin with?
Potential has no limits!

Is wanting success selfish?
I think if you keep things in perspective and don't let the success take over your life and most of all don't think your better than anyone!!!! You just have different talents and dreams.

Are we all selfish?
I do believe we are all selfish , in that everything we do or say positive for someone else is a way of feeling good about ourselves..... What? Well when do we feel the best about ourselves? How about after giving someone a present or donating money to a charity.... so by saying that is being selfish a bad thing? At times, not at all!

How to find true happiness?
I believe balance is number 1 and I believe in our lives we will find our greatest happiness using the gifts that god gave us and making the most of them.

Are their rules in being in LOVE?
Just being true to yourself always

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