Friday, May 25, 2007

Where does your GREATER power lie?? In your muscles??'s behind...

Self-reliance which carries great, vigorous self-faith has ever been the best substitute for friends, pedigree, influence, and money. It is the best capital in the world; it has mastered more obstacles, overcome more difficulties, and carried through more enterprises than any other human quality.

I have interviewed many timid people as to why they let opportunities pass by them that were eagerly seized by others with much less ability, and the answer was invariably a confession like the following:

"I have not courage," said one;

"I lack confidence in myself," said another;

"I shrink from trying for fear I shall make a mistake and have the mortification of being turned down," said a third;

"It would look so cheeky for me to have the nerve to put myself forward," said a fourth;

"Oh, I do not think it would be right to seek a place so far above me," said another;

"I think I ought to wait until the place seeks me, or I am better prepared." So they run through the whole gamut of self-distrust. This shrinking, this timidity or self-effacement, often proves a worse enemy to success than actual incompetence. Take the lantern in the hand, and you will always have light enough for your next step, no matter how dark, for the light will move along with you. Do not try to see a long way ahead. "One step is enough for me."

A physical trainer in one of our girls' colleges says that his first step is to establish the girls in self-confidence; to lead them to think only of the ends to be attained and not of the means. He shows them that the greater power lies behind the muscles, in the mind, and points to the fact so frequently demonstrated, that a person in a supreme crisis, as in a fire or other catastrophe, can exert strength out of all proportion to his muscle. He thus helps them to get rid of fear and timidity, the great handicaps to achievement.

I believe if we had a larger conception of our possibilities, a larger faith in ourselves, we could accomplish infinitely more. And if we only better understood our divinity we would have this larger faith. We are crippled by the old orthodox idea of man's inferiority.

There is no inferiority about the man that God made. The only inferiority in us is what we put into ourselves. What God made is perfect. The trouble is that most of us are but a burlesque of the man God patterned and intended. A Harvard graduate, who has been out of college a number of years, writes that because of his lack of self-confidence he has never earned more than a few dollars a week.

A graduate of Princeton tells us that, except for a brief period, he has never been able to earn more than a couple of dollars a day. These men do not dare to assume responsibility. Their timidity and want of faith in themselves destroy their efficiency.

The great trouble with many of us is that we do not believe enough in ourselves. We do not realize our power. Man was made to hold up his head and carry himself like a conqueror, not like a slave, — as a success, not as a failure, — to assert his God-given birthright. Self-depreciation is a crime.
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