Saturday, January 17, 2009

The power of the message of a master!

I have been receiving some amazing mails from my readers of the amazing book of "The Message of A Master!" This amazing book is available for download at The Message Of A Master site here, so go get it if you have not done so!

Here are a few of the reviews -

"Dear tenzin, thank you very much for this materials, i look for more"
- Gash

""hello, my name is gudqo from South Korea, 26 years. I read the book "The Message of A Master" by John McDonald several times and i want to know more about this universal Law (it was very impressive)"
- gudqo

"I was deeply touched and inspired by the presentation of The God's Boxes. The music also moved me tremendously. may i know the name and source of this song as I would like to play it for my incoming wedding? Thank you."
- Alana

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