Monday, May 04, 2009

Success Factors

We naturally want to gravitate to what success offers. It comes naturally for our curiosity, nature, appetite, heart’s desire and purpose.

Success for most of us means taking the high road, aspiring to something more and beyond, reaching ever-higher, to achieve, grow, expand and get better. It is ingrained and instilled in us almost.

Success is then typified as mastery and being in control of destiny, process and outcome, not feeling helpless, a victim of events, random chance and the like. Success embodies our wants, needs and desire as individuals, as human beings!

Living life to its fullest potential is at stake here.

Success if mind over matter and within our every easy reach. It is about the balance between moral and ambition, regardless of your role, function or contribution in society. We all want to taste of success and be successful. We envision, crave and work (even manipulate if we have to) our way for and towards it.

Success is individual and unique and collective. Whether artiste, soldier, business executive, media representative, clerk, we all strive for a better life and getting ahead. It is common bond and factor we all share. Success is within reach of all, especially those who choose to embrace it fully.

WE can make and claim our reality and destiny into being and some argue this is the only true path to success – know and make happen what you are striving for, discover and execute for SUCCESS! YOUR SUCCESS!

BOTH choice, free will, predisposition and assets can help, hinder, improve, destroy, showcase, trip up, even grow and expand our own success.

You need to know what your special gifts and talents are in order to tap into them effectively! But what contributes to being successful or tasting SUCCESS in your life?

There are 3 interwoven and inter-related concepts, forces at work here in this success dynamic.

a) Health: Well-being
b) Judgment: Ability/Knowledge, Intuition
c) Industry: Ambition

We ultimately define what, who we are, achieve, plan and execute in terms of success or failure – it is just what we do and how we go about it! It is normal and human to do so!

Success is important and means a lot in our modernistic society. We are all measures and held up to this “arbitrary” standard of achievement and SUCCESS in some form or another. But success does not just come by itself, without hard work, discipline and commitment amongst other things (more on this later)!

SUCCESS is also NOT GUARANTEED under all circumstances. There will be times we/others fail to achieve or be successful. That is the flip-side of the reality coin! Sometimes brilliant ideas and genius just does happen and we need to recognize that too.

Focus, capacity, fore-sight, insight, gauging self and intent of others, wisdom, shared and past experiences, making sense of the present and future based on these insights and expertise, taking decisive, meaningful action in the here and now and in the foreseeable future. Success seeks the core of something with precision accuracy and purpose, taps into this wisdom and improves upon it. This is the wonder of the human capacity in action.

Knowledge and sound judgment needs both to be present for successful endeavor.

Our industrious nature, survival and utilizing resources work together to make the dynamics of success a reality in our lives and existence. You need to be present in the moment, at the right place at the right time to capitalize on what life and success has to offer you.

We are creatures of habit, social nature, learning, mastering, improving and industry. We want to and have to learn, evolve and get better. It is ingrained and hard-wired into us somehow as a species and being. Anyone and everyone has potential and inherent success to pursue, discover and manifest.

Knowing when and where to act (applied, practical, timing for industrious pursuits) is the key to success and making this real. You do need knowledge, foresight, timing and these elements work together with sound opinion, informed decision- making and meaningful, appropriate action to be SUCCESSFUL! You need them all!

Focus and purpose goes without saying – they are the prerequisites for successful endeavor and execution. It is a learned skill and refined art. If applied and practiced can make all the difference in your life. Our nature will help us NOT waste these talents, opportunities and gifts.

It is of the utmost importance, that we are also stewards of our self, our body, mind and soul, our total well-being.

For without it, it will be almost impossible to enjoy the other aspects and success overall, all-round in our lives. Balanced living, regular exercise and diet will all contribute to ensure your lifestyle enables, empowers and effects SUCCESS!

Activity levels need to be consistently upheld to get the most from life! Being fit for both work and play, will help you lead a MORE balanced life. The one is no more means to an end. They are and have their own right and influence in and on your life. Success is NOT a popularity contest.

You are not in this “game” of life, for the sake or approval of others. Your endorsement and reward will come from inside, not from outside, others, work, money etc. You define the parameters of what success is and means to you.

Remember also that too much of a good thing is never enough or necessarily good for you! Have and enjoy all things in moderation. Have focus and goals, but not fuss, stress or obsess over them the whole time that you get lost in the mechanics and the process, losing sight of the goal and enjoyment along the way that is life and success!

Pleasure and the pursuit of happiness is not all that life and success is about either. It will not satisfy and cannot be sustained over time. Time, experience, repetition, charm, amusement, laughter, drinking, socializing, vanity all loses its appeal after a while.

This is not what success really is or measured by. It is lonely and empty and existence, futile and void, not satisfying at all. What you work for now, can be enjoyed later, seems like a good plan, others live for the here and now, in the moment.

To each his or her own. It takes more than brainpower and cash to be successful. If you have both, you might also have a sense of being in control and having some power or say in and over your life, happiness and success.

Fame, reputation, ambition, possessions, achievement mean different things for and to different people. We all have our own unique way of defining success. (You probably have your own vision, picture and description in mind of what SUCCESS is for you)

Talent and opportunity set the stage for greater things to come. Ambition, discipline and commitment the main players on this stage at any and all phases, stages of life and pursuit.

Equal opportunity for all exists. You will not be discriminated against due to where you come from, who you are and what you have – you have potential – you need to put that to work for yourself.

Success is not a birth-right, guaranteed, can be embraced, pursued and executed by anyone and everyone who is willing to take that risk and embrace their destiny. Success and power is not just for the rich and famous, genius or well-educated.

Strive for your own well-being, work at it deliberately, improve your knowledge, expertise, experience, prowess, mastery and hone and harness it to your advantage, improving as you go along your journey of life and success.

Be open-minded, keeping your eyes peeled for opportunities around you that present themselves, create your own, be industrious and reach constantly higher. These form the cornerstones of modern-day success.

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