Monday, May 04, 2009

Pursuit of happiness

There is a time and place for everything or so the saying goes. There are times to show the utmost of restraint and times call for moderation.

Being in control of yourself, your fate, reactions and ensuring an even-keel response, pro-active stance will go a long way at getting you success and happiness.

We are called upon constantly to do more with less, be successful at any costs and remain sane in the process. It calls on us and demands that we remain cool and collected under pressure and in control of situation, process and outcome, while striving to get better, and, and… the list goes on. We feel the stress and demands of modernistic living intensely real and vividly part of our daily lives.

We need to understand that health is vital and giving it you all 24/7 will start taking its toll if it is always at your own expense. You need to be healthy to be at your best. If you show courage and stamina your physical and medical condition either enables or hinders these processes and outcomes. You are MORE than nerves, stomach and brain! You are a holistic being and mind, body, soul are one functioning and interacting whole – you need it all to be in balance.

TO DO THINGS IN MODERATION is the answer and the key here. This goes for drinking, partying, finances, ambition, law, socials etc. For every aspect and area of your life, balance views are important.

Be strict and disciplines, committed to your personal success and well-being, within the boundaries of acceptable and advisable. What and how do you react and respond, when under pressure or stress?

What happens to you?

Going flat and all out at all times can be highly tricky and risky. Enthusiasm, skill, talent, confidence – all in moderation will serve you best. Our physical resources we should safeguard and manage, including our nutrition, exercise, energies and more.

Vigor and judgment will be affected if you are not well-rested, allow for vacation and the like, some down-time and plan for activities you enjoy, time with your family, balancing the needs and demands of work and family.

Playing and working hard, with self-control, allowing for some rest will ensure balance and success in and over the long haul. You need to be able to manage and govern yourself and your resources to the best of your advantage and for your purpose, direction and undertakings.

Determination, strengths, power, physique, stamina, energy all can contribute or ruin you, if you let it! Setting goals and scheduling time alone and for resting also needs to get priority for you to be at your best, especially when life throws a curve ball or new demand or two your way.

Keep your life uncomplicated, simple and find routines, rites and rituals, that work for you and your needs. Schedule accordingly and do not over-commit yourself.

Fresh air, sun, health and sound judgment all go hand in hand for all-round well-being and more effective functioning, helping us take care of everything that needs to be addressed.

Indulge yourself in activities and hobbies you enjoy and can have fun with from time to time. Deliberately plan them into your schedule and stick to it. Make some time for yourself and the things that you do enjoy.

Life is not getting any less complicated or less busy, so in our fast-paced world, moderation is more than a pre-requisite, it is a life essential and survival skill you absolutely have to have in your personal arsenal for success and happiness.

Industry, invention, ambition and enterprise drive and fuel these forces in and on our lives ever-forward. WE are both slave and master of the things and world around us. We need to focus on sound knowledge, skill, experience, expertise, solid meaningful and informed judgment, courage and even self-discipline to succeed and be happy.

We need to restrain and keep our lives from spiraling desperately out of control and sometimes this might actually mean saying NO to some things, prioritizing better and quitting some activities, compromise and sometimes doing simply NOTHING at all!

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Bob Marshall said...


Your post is certainly an eye opener... Other than this a simple meditation course does also help a lot in making our dreams come true... Keep up the good work :)