Monday, June 22, 2009

Improve your life, living pace, getting things done!

Here are a couple of key time-planning type questions that you can and have to ask yourself:

- How is your day organized from waking to sleeping?
- How does each decision you make pertaining to time, useful, beneficial and uplifting, worth its weight in gold getting results.
- How do you structure and utilize your time ?
- How do you assign minutes, hours to important tasks to get things done?
- Do you get or feel stressed, in over your head, under pressure, if you do not do it, or have not had the time to plan your day, week etc.?

Here are some more of the benefits that you can tap into with good time management:
- reach targets and goals more effectively, faster etc.
- More and qualitative results quicker
- Be and have less stressed

All of us wake up or go to sleep with some set or list of to do’ s in our head, some write it down, others just rehearse their days through their mind.

We all are not just blown around by wind and whim. Does this ring true for you? Are you a list maker?

Are you a getting the job/tasks done type person, driving for closure, organizing and prioritizing, multi-tasking until things are/get done? TIME MANAGEMENT CAN HELP!

We all face competing priorities everyday and how we react to them, can also affect what we can and will get done.

We are living in increasingly fast-paced worlds and realities, contexts, with many key priorities to effect and execute.

Some feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of what they have to get done, that they are left debilitated, not able to complete anything well or at all.

Sometimes referred to as “analysis paralysis” or the inability to move beyond the planning and lists phases, with some real action, results and decisions.

Taking in and processing information on an on-going basis, constantly overloading your mind, worried, frustrated and without concentration of mind or energies plague us, at home, at work, in every aspect, or the most important areas of our lives, relationships and interactions, pursuits, hobbies, careers etc.

We need to figure out a solution to make the most of every day that is given and added to our lives, yet we struggle.

How are you and when do you know that you are successful and accomplished in the time management field.

If you can get the most out of not only every day but every hour, focusing on the things that really need to get finished and done, as opposed to feeling overwhelmed and grinding to a halt, accomplishing nothing much, then you know you are slugging it out and making some leeway with time and managing yourself better.

So, how do you make the most of every hour? Well, start fresh, take a little break, at the start, middle and finish of the hour, before the next.

Set aside a couple of things (say 3-4, or focus on 1 key/complex task that has to get done and simply get it done.

If you are working on more than one task, chop the hour into its 15 minute segments and get started on the first one. It sounds rudimentary, but that is really all you have to do.

Once that one task is checked and crossed off your list, move on to the next one. Do not get interrupted, distracted or called away from it. Tend to everything else that keeps you from finishing it, until you are done.

If the task takes a little longer than expected, see how realistic it is to still get all the other three done, or just part of them, deferring the lesser parts to a little later, or when you have a moment free. Your task list does not have to be set in stone, be a flexible, live, real-time dynamic, rather than a dead, rigid document.

If the latter, you will still soon feel the pressure, frustration of not getting everything done that you wanted too. Remain and be MORE patient and flexible with yourself as you adjust to this new way of doing things.

If you do not have a desk, time or calendar type planner (hard copy or electronic, handheld type device, digital organizer, filo-fax, small notebook etc. , get and learn, start to use a time planner of some sorts.

This will help you very quickly take control and make tangible what you are up against, what needs to be and get done. It makes visible and gives live and momentum to an otherwise overwhelming chaos and mess (without knowing what, where to start, what to do, etc. )

Now you can start not only planning today, every hour, where you need to be, what you need to accomplish, running errands, knocking tasks of the list one by one, but you can also plan beyond the short term, like medium to long term – your next vacation, setting financial/savings type goals and targets, planning for the year, major events, business or leisure travel, this month, this week, new week and yes, each day, starting with today.

For most, these types of activities are hard to start and/or stick by. One reason is tackling and focusing too much on the mechanics rather than the process, journey and results.

Have a master task list that is ranked and prioritized and start with the ones that are most important, most urgent, cannot wait, overdue, behind type of ones (typically relieving some pressure), so you can have more time to still plan ahead, work on some of the other tasks, Updating your calendar and a daily "actions" list as often as you can, focus on tomorrow and the remainder of the week, the weekend and next week.

Very few people are surprised that all of a sudden they feel more relaxed and have more time on their hands to do the things they enjoy and be with those they love, even pursue things (activities, hobbies, socials), that they did not have time for before.

Again, most of these planning and preparing activities do not come naturally for the majority of us. To some, yes, who are blessed with attention to detail, routines, rites and personal rituals, but not all of us!

These tools can help, only to the extent that they better and improve your life, living pace, getting things done, flows with your lifestyle, pace, responsibilities and realities of personal, work and family life.

You can synergize, coordinate, organize and harmonize these things into a well-sounding clockwork type symphony, if you put your mind and heart, as well as purpose into it.


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