Monday, June 22, 2009

How to brainstorm: creative Ideas: inspiration and innovation

The human capacity for ideas is something truly great!

For us, being creative and coming up with new ideas, answers and creative solutions, sometimes are easy, sometimes hard.

Yet, it is an integral part of what makes us uniquely human and having the capacity to grow, enrich, enhance, improve and develop.

Pushing ourselves beyond the limit, thinking outside the box for example are just some of the techniques we employ to come up with new ideas, inspiration and innovation.

We can master, hone, harness and make the most of our own and others’ creativity, innovation and inspiration.

We need to constantly be on the lookout for great new ways of getting ideas out there. This is how we will get ahead, continuing to thrive, grow and flourish.

We come up with new ideas for myriads of reasons, like being under pressure to be the best and solve problems, but also for the greater good, personal development, expression and satisfaction.

Being open-minded and receptive to new, innovative ways of thinking and doing things are essential for success and results. Developing and improving new ideas are some of the basic building-blocks for growth and improvement in business, as well as for our daily lives!

To have creative ideas you need good people, the right setting and atmosphere conducive and receptive to sparking that creativity and dynamic innovation!

Brainstorming is popular problem solving and innovation techniques in a wide variety of disciplines, like engineering, manufacturing, sales, and resource or project management.

To get results from new ideas, this process asks for a fine measure of creativity as well!

Sometimes coming up with new ideas can be a challenge. It may be difficult and/or expensive, then at other times working on the wrong type of idea, can be catastrophic as well! We even need to be creative with our new ideas and how use them, not just how we come up with them!

In many companies research and development often takes a back seat and brainstorming is just one technique you can use to ensure that this business priority does not fall by the way-side!

Novel, weird or even off-the-bat type ideas might not always be practical or ‘wise’, but sometimes this is where genius resides and reveals itself.

Absurdity oftentimes prove to hold some creativity keys that leads us to say that in brainstorming we never criticize, we generate new ideas first, and not evaluate them!


No matter how wild or crazy it might seem, ideas sometimes come from the strangest people and places we could possibly imagine. It can be quite a challenge, obstacle and task both personally and collectively to let go and just be creative.

We are taught to be in control, not absurd and this might actually hamper our own and dynamic interaction, innovation, inspiration and brainstorming. We need to create and environment conducive to coming up with GREAT, NEW IDEAS!

It is sometimes counter-intuitive, wild and crazy… and we need to learn to be OK with it!

Brainstorming is an innovative, idea-generating thought and action process for problem solving and inspired un-inhibited thought-creation.

According to online sourcing ( brainstorming originated in 1953 in a book called Applied Imagination by Alex F. Osborn, an advertising executive and it has many potential applications and contexts where it can be useful and contribute meaningfully:

- Action plans
- Business planning
- Event planning
- Ideation
- Identifying client objectives
- Improvement on existing products, patents and services
- Improvements to process and businesses
- Innovations and inventions
- Marketing and advertising
- New product development
- Project Management
- Risks assessments
- Solving complex and technical problems
- Team building
- Trial preparation by attorneys
… and many more

Some more qualitative initial insights into the nature and dynamics of brainstorming, types, iterations, variations and more.

Brainstorming is a group process and idea-generation method. Its origin can be traced back to the 1930s. The key process , method and channel used for group-problem solving and new idea generation in a collaborative setting.

Technology can oftentimes be use for mass-brainstorming or large-sized groups and conferences.

It is also about so much MORE than mere ideas! It is about NEW IDEAS! It is also about the qualitative selection, prioritization, improvement, evaluation and implementation of those ideas afterwards that makes the whole endeavor meaningful and rewarding. This is how it really contributes to society, life, career, family, business and the future!

Brainstorming is said to fall into THREE major phases or ‘parts’(process-steps)

1) Fact finding (problem definition and preparatory steps)
2) Idea generation
3) Solution finding

Defining the problem is the first step, after which you need to gather any information that might relate to the problem.

Actual brainstorming activity is used to generate ideas, insights and angels to answer and solve issue and problem at hand.

Selecting the best ideas and solutions, implementing the answers round out the process.


INQUIRY, CURIOSITY WITH NO CRITIQUE - Suspended and deferred judgment – creative boundless and boundaryless invention, innovation and inspired, uninhibited flow of ideas
VOLUME and Quantity of ideas will lead to a couple of qualitative NEW IDEAS!

The biggest error in brainstorming is rushing to a judgment, critique or dismisses something.
Using our creative minds and energies is what we need to foster and focus less on the judging side of our brain!

Associations and connections, synergy is what leads to good ideas. This processing takes time and through brainstorming with self and others they can be brought to the surface, improved upon, brought from concept to reality – in the end making a contribution and difference, translating into meaningful action and effecting change, improvement and the like.

Going deeper and beyond is what brainstorming is all about!

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