Sunday, July 19, 2009

Consistency - Lack of consistency does not mean inconsistency

Who would ever think to say that these two aspects might actually HURT, HINDER success or happiness, business, politics and the like?

This is a true paradox! Sometimes used for defensive justification.
Consistency is often used as a bad excuse for failure and is dead wrong, simply put. You in essence are placing yourself at risk of sacrificing judgment, dismissing knowledge and experience, ignoring facts, changes and unfolding events, implications etc. just for the sake of ‘constants’

Being consistent is very different than being stagnant of inflexible, rigid or set in your ways. Raising inconsistency is not the idea either, rather propagating some open-mindedness, rather than closed or narrow-mindedness.

Life is about change! Reality is filled with it. Lack of consistency does not necessarily mean that you are inconsistent or lack character, turns as the wind blows, have no morals etc. In life, there are no one size fits all rile, situation, circumstance or context, solutions and answers for everyone and anyone.

Life is simply not like that or that simple. Lack of consistency does not mean inconsistency. On this we need to be very clear.

You can be responsive and still act, think and do from the core of your values, true to self and purpose, success and happiness principles and practice put forth here.

Life is not theoretical. It is practical, demanding, dynamic and ever-changing, expecting you to act accordingly.

If you are propagating consistency against all odds you are running the risk or putting predictability first and foremost, regardless of risk or reality. This is dangerous and risky!

It is the wrong strategy to follow and propagate for success and sustained change.

You will be asked and asking to give up good, solid judgment and common sense

Ignore expertise, experience, dismiss insight based on past, input etc.
Facts matter more than opinions etc.

It does not mean you are sacrificing all for being inconsistent, but MORE open-minded, flexible, agile and adaptable. That is what will bring you success.

You will find yourself more open to changing your mind, more receptive to new information or changes of circumstances, factors etc., crisis or pressure situations will be faced more easily and readily as part of life and not a weird occurrence or set-back necessarily.

Evidence and proof does not become the only determining factor, rather “fluidity” of judgment rules and rises above.

Politics and business are great playing and practice fields for these techniques.

Cycles of their on-going, dynamic being and functioning, being in touch with and aware of them, will guarantee successful processes and outcomes.

Decay is oftentimes a symptom of the lack of these dynamics. Being too set in your ways may actually hurt you in the long-run. Being too narrow, or closed-minded can put you at risk. Beliefs in consistency against all other odds, is a false sense of security.

It will not help you, it may hurt you. It can lead to irresponsiveness and make you slow to act, react, in a context and world that demands adaptability and agility!

A pre-requisite for success and happiness is life and movement at all costs, being open to changes and what they may bring. Handling and responding to these changes do not make you inconsistent per se, but rather constant in your approach to consistency and inconsistency! Success and happiness finds the midway!

Dedication, rigor, courage and according to own rules, definitions, principles of success and happiness will triumph in these situations. This is the only way to taste success on your terms and by your definition of what it is and means to you.
You do not need to be fickle and inconsistent, a hypocrite, but rather pursue to please and appease, but still do what is right, build your repute and reliability (even if perceived to be somewhat inconsistent (for the right reasons), while keeping your self-respect intact!

Are you bias??

We all have it and suffer from them! AND UNFORTUNATELY WE ALSO ACT ON THEM! Preconceived ideas – they plague and bless all of us, in different ways and to different extent.

It is extremely hard to identify and break with. It is a habit and so natural that we do not even realize or recognize most of the time that it is actually present and/or happening!

It is not a virtue and does not do much to help and empower us. Quite the contrary, this true vice can oftentimes trip us up and make us less effective, unsuccessful and even unhappy!

It causes damage and corrodes our relationships, interactions and exchanges we have with and in the world around us and those in it. These evil habits creep up on us when we least expect them to. Destructive, negative and often judgmental, they are out before we even had the time to think about what we are thinking, saying or doing (Based on or coming from these deeply ingrained bias, filters, prejudice and preconceived notions and interpretations)

Ever being called narrow-minded ? This means that your own opinions, outlooks, and even prejudice are all hard at work and very much alive and well. (despite our best attempts and efforts to curb them) Conscious and subconscious they direct our actions and words (sometimes we are oblivious and other-times aware of their workings, yet it is very hard to shake or get rid of their influence completely) They are so inherently part of whom we are, becoming and others know! They are mostly learned behavioral patterns and habits that exist, that we have become extremely comfortable with.

Youth, religion and politics even family and school can all be powerful forces and experience to be reckoned with! In-born, training, socializing, reason, prejudice are and can all be weaknesses that trip us up and make us less effective. They are not necessarily strengths to be relied upon in crisis for example. They are highly bias and unreliable and might even distort our views or lead us to the wrong conclusions.

Hating others or discrimination is a great example of this. We make our judgments based on what we see, think we know, hear, perceive, filter, think, have experienced etc. It is almost inevitable. We just need to be aware that it is happening and then do something to counteract it!

Forms of personal prejudice can only be disproved by the actual fact and experience to the contrary. You have to be curious, open-minded and aware of these things to actually change it.

Other examples could be irrational dislikes and accepted patterns of behaviour, predictable choices for comfort, habit or other ingrained reasons – missing out on great opportunities potentially! We need to have the courage and wherewithall to break through these biases.
We need to keep our habits and/or traditions at bay when it matters most.

Political conceptions can be extremely powerful too. Conflict, partisanship might actually cloud our vision and decision-making. We might not recognize change of circumstance and opportunity.

Lack of adapting to the demands of the environment and even a type of trained brainwashing can keep us from achieving our utmost!

Get rid of prejudices in your life and be more open-minded
Success will come quicker if we do fight against prepossessions, born of the past
Pursue actively those thoughts, behaviors that will ensure and sustain a happy, successful, and active life.

Lord Beaverbrook’s words echo well here:

“Prejudice is a mixture of pride and egotism,
and no prejudiced man, therefore, will be happy.”

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