Sunday, July 19, 2009

Every “failure” or not succeeding should rather be viewed as a learning opportunity

Nobody likes to fail, err or suffer of misinformation or misconceptions.

Every “failure” or not succeeding should rather be viewed as a learning opportunity. These can assist you finding your niche, calling and speciality.

WE have to take the time individually and collectively to see and uncover where our strengths in fact lie. Most of us choose a career at an early age, not even knowing if that is the right thing for us that we will be able to excel and grow into, outperform later in life.

WE accept mediocrity and failure and very often just accept our fate and keep going. WE find it hard to admit that we have in fact failed – even our own expectations. WE despair and claim ruin and disrepair!

WE rely on what we think is our natural abilities and skill-sets that enable us to utilize and tap into our transferable skills and talents in almost every situation, context and circumstance. This is not necessarily true for everyone, not even for most of us.

Being good at one thing under certain circumstances does not automatically follow that it is great on other fronts as well by default so to speak.

Our capacity and abilities will vary in context and circumstance. If you are great at finance, it does not obviously follow that you are great at sales for example.

Avoid feelings of despair over initial or any failure for that matter. Do not fight the tide or try to swim upstream all the time. Timing is everything, seek new openings that might lend themselves better to your skill-set and special talents.

You too can find your destiny, calling, success and happiness if you know what to look for, when, how to find and make the most of it, FOR YOU! YOUR LIFE! YOUR FUTURE!

Push the boundaries and capitalize on every opportunity that comes your way, without hesitation.

It is very hard to admit failure to thrive, succeed or achieve. Its lessons are hard to learn.

These include: making the most of these opportunities to form and shape us, refining our mastery and ongoing success, we need to keep going, find our niche and specialty, optimize our strengths and talents and not be derailed or discouraged so easily.

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